Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Golf Digest is now mocking me personally

I mentioned last year I fell in love with a pair of Polo Golf pants. I don't own them; they may not exist.

First, I couldn't find them on Polo's website. Then, I couldn't find them in local Polo stores. Then, I called Polo, e-mailed them an picture of the pants, and they couldn't find them (I received a $10 Polo gift certificate for my troubles).

Meanwhile, I sent e-mail to the writer connected to the Golf Digest article, only to get it bounced back due to some sort of e-mail error. I got so disappointed I wrote a letter (an actual letter on paper) to the writer, along with some editors asking why they would put clothes in the magazine that can't be found in the real world.

So, what photo shows up in the most recent issue of Golf Digest?

Checkerboard pants!

They must hate me.


Anonymous said...

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Spencer096 said...

hey, this is spencer096 from TBL, and i guess im the resident golf addict over there.

this is the first time ive checked out your site, but it's pretty solid, i must say. there aren't a lot of great golf blogs out there.

btw, those pants are sick, id drop the $200 for em if they sold em.

keep up the good work.