Saturday, October 13, 2007

Back for more swings

Not unlike most elite players, I stopped after the Fed Ex Cup (I actuallt stopped before the final, but who’s counting). Work and family responsibilities severly cut down my blogging time. Hopefully things can calm down a hair and I can get back to this.

What have I missed?

Fed Ex Cup: Tiger won. No one was shocked. TV Ratings were up. They will do it again next year.

Presidents Cup: U.S. won. No one was shocked. Mike Weir beat Woods in singles, cementing his never having to buy beer for himself in Canada. Woody Austin feel into a lake hitting a shot; that may replace him using his head to bend a putter shaft as the go to clip on him.

My Golf Game: Haven’t played much at all since the beginning of September. We to New Jersey once to place with a couple of friends in advance of a friend’s wedding. When you are not good (and as I rarely break 100, I am not good) and you are the best golfer in your group, that is a strange feeling. It didn’t help that one of my friends rented clubs from the course, and the club he used were older than any of us (he is left handed, which I’m sure didn’t help).

My Newest Golf Want

Damn GolfDigest and their Mr. Style section. I’ve been coveting these pants for a week.

The fact they retail for $190 is the only thing stopping me from finding a Polo store and immediately whipping out the plastic.

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