Sunday, July 15, 2007

Playing Golf 7/14

Course: Glenn Dale Golf Club
Score: 106 (not counting numerous mulligans off the tee)
Best Club: None
Worst Club: All clubs were equally bad
Highlights: Hitting the Par 4 4th hole in regulation with a drive over the water and a wedge to 5 feet. Parring the 4th and the 6th on the front side.
Lowlights: Three putting the Par 4 3rd after hitting the green in regulation. Hitting four straight fat shots on the Par4 13th.
Summary: Played the front nine with my brother-in-law Derek and his cousin. The back nine was just Derek and I. Once again, I play a course without warmup, leading to an 8 on the Par 4 1st. Started to get my act together in the middle of the front, only to lose it again on the back nine.

I had played Glenn Dale once before and the only things I remembered about it were you couldn’t hit driver on the driving range and the greens were tough. After playing it again, I want to go back. It is a shorter course than I am used to, but it isn’t easy by a long shot. If I had a decent day with the hybrid off the tee (most of the Par 4 holes are under 400 yards, I would have scored much better.

I have got to carve out some time for iron practice if I ever expect to break 100 again.

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