Monday, July 2, 2007

The Monday Wrapup

Cristie Kerr wins the U.S. Women’s Open

She held off Lorena Ochoa and 18 year old Angela Park for her first major. Before this win, Kerr could be considered the second best female player without…

We interrupt the Monday Wrapup for Special Commentary from Lou Dobbs:

It has been a glorious couple of days for the United States of America, as we approach our country’s birthday. First, the Amnesty bill big business tried to ram down working American’s throats failed in the Senate. Now a great American stands up against the outsourcing of our golf championships. Hopefully, Kerr, along with other major championship patriots like Morgan Pressel and Annika Sorenstam can continue the resurgence of American women’s golf…

Uh, excuse me Lou, Annika isn’t American. She is Swedish.

Annika’s Swedish?

Yes. Swedish.

…well…that’s white enough. At least she isn’t Mexican or Korean or something.

This concludes Special Commentary from Lou Dobbs

I watched Sunday’s telecast of the tournament. If Dan Hicks mentioned one more time that the U.S. Open was the most sought after major I would have cried. We are watching the tournament already; we don’t need for you to sell it any further.

Also, I was introduced to the female version of Golfer’s Tan. For those not up of it. Golfer’s Tan for men consists of just the head and arms from the elbow down. You can include upper thighs in the female version. At one point Pressel bent down from the waist to position her ball on the green. The camera angle was from behind, and the combination of her short golf skirt and her Golfer’s Tan reminded me of the scene in Pulp Fiction when the briefcase is opened.

Brian Bateman wins the Buick Open with a birdie on the final hole

The birdie broke a four way tie for the lead between Bateman, Justin Leonard, Jason Gore, and Wood Austin. The victory is his first on the PGA Tour and is the third week in a row for a first time winner (Angel Cabrera, Hunter Mahan).

Graeme Storm wins the French Open for his first European Tour win

There is something about European Tour action on the Golf Channel early Sunday morning. Eating breakfast while watching players you have never heard of with ridiculous fashions (Ian Poulter finished 9th, by the way) play golf for euros has a certain draw to it.

Colin Montgomerie was tied for the lead down the stretch, but bogeyed the 15th and 16th holes to fall into a tie for third. I don't know how he confused Versailles for America, but it appears he did.

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