Friday, June 22, 2007

Daly's definately juicing

PGA Commissioner Tim Finchem has announced the PGA Tour has begun to develop policies regarding performance enhancing drugs, incluing testing. This is a reversal of his original stance; that golf didn't need such a policy due to the arrogance of the golf elite integrity of the game. This annoucement led to writers going for the easy laugh, pointing to pictures of Mickelson and Angel Cabrera and saying 'these guys are on steroids?' Besides being more hacky than Robin Williams, they miss the point.

First off all, as baseball has taught us, steroids/human growth hormone/whatever the newest drug the cycling world is using these days are more important to extend a career or recover quicker from an injury. With all the money available on the PGA Tour, is it that hard to believe an older or injured golfer would throw down some HGH during the offseason, work out like his livelyhood depended on it and make a bunch of cash late in his career?
Second, isn't one of the main complaints about the current game is today's professionals hit the ball too far? Is it inconceivable enhancers could have something to do with that? I own a Taylor Made R7 driver (damn Sergio Garcia commercials) and I'm not hitting it 300+ yards. Could it be more than just the equipment?

Third, steroids are not the only performance enhancer out there. Craig Parry has brought up the possible use of beta blockers to steady nerves during play (perhaps someone should have told Aaron Baddeley about them before his round with Tiger).

Finchem has learned the lesson the NBA learned the hard way in the 80's with their cocaine scandals and MLB is still learning with their steroid scandals: it is easier to keep the trust of your fans then try to gain it back after you lose said trust. Professional golf may not need drug testing due to a doping epidemic, but they do need their good name. A little urine in a cup is a small price to pay for that.

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